A screen and a stage is not enough to engage event guests anymore


For a while we have felt that the conventional approach to live events hasn’t been engaging enough. A typical conference or awards show usually involves a person on stage, a big video screen, some power point and a sound system. Sometimes there has been some good lighting and maybe even some interesting set or special effects, but by and large the format hasn’t changed for over 20 years. We are changing the format.

People attend events to experience emotion, connect with people, learn in new ways and be surprised. If guests don’t get these experiences it is questionable whether the event is any better than watching an online video. So what are we doing to ensure they do?

We have launched the Immersitech Suite.  This is a range of approaches and technologies we can apply to live events which are inspired by concerts, storytelling, theme parks and the natural world.   

We use elements such as scent, wind, rain, vibrations, holograms, heat and cold to create a multi-sensory journey that supports a client’s message. More importantly we help to develop the stories and theatre around the message we are sharing.    

The Immersitech Suite can be used for conferences, product launches and any other environment where an important message needs to be shared.  

The Immersitech Suite is also perfectly structured to deliver theme park and “4d Cinema” experiences on a short or long-term basis. So far clients including Spar, Lidl, BBC, Forestry England and BMW have taken advantage of the Immersitech Suite, and we hope that this trend will continue to make events more engaging for everyone.  


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