BBC Worldwide Launch

Product Launches 3 MIN READ

We were delighted to be invited to work as production partner for the BBC Worldwide ‘Stampede’ presentation at the showcase at The ACC in Liverpool. Creative agency and content designers Play Nicely led the project with a stunning composition of the BBC Earth's latest natural history content.

 They chose SXS to work with them to create a video mapping solution that would create a stunning immersive space for guests at the start of the conference - which was hosted by Louis Theroux and David Attenborough.

"It was a delight to collaborate with Play Nicely and the BBC Worldwide team" says SXS MD Johnny Palmer. "The BBC is a world leader in content creation and Play Nicely are a team whose work I really admire and enjoy engaging with"

The project was a true collaboration between client, creative and technical. We provided a full complement of HD video equipment including four of our Barco HD 20k Lumen projectors, rigging, specialist lenses and media servers running VDMX for playback and Mad Mapper for the warping and blending of content.



The walls were projected onto with a single projector each with separate mapped signals and utilised a mixture of soft and hard masks to work with the venue’s natural lines. The ceiling was more challenging as it had multiple surfaces at differing distances from the projector location and with non-linear curves. As such the ceiling was treated with a 2-projector blend and multiple layers of warping. The Barco lenses were selected due to their excellent depth of field which meant that the full range of projected surfaces remained in focus.



In addition to the mapped projected content we provided a 5.1 surround sound system with the ACC's support, as well as our ‘ODOS’ nebulising scent technology to give the scents of forest and cut grass throughout the auditorium.

The show was a truly immersive and emotive experience for all involved. We look forward to the opportunity to work with this client and others on future similar projects.