Product Launches | News 5 MIN READ

The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is a hugely important product for Blackmagicdesign, and as such their exclusive launch event required creativity, attention to detail, and rock-solid support. SXS Events was the obvious choice as their primary production partner.

The event was held at the prestigious Old Billingsgate, sitting in prime position on the bank of the river Thames.

SXS was tasked with dividing the space into multiple areas, with a terrace, registration and selfie area, ‘museum’ style walkway, party space, and a secret screening room. Watch the video:



SXS were brought on board very early in the project in order to apply expertise to every aspect of the event design, from layout to entertainment, as well as the core services of lighting, video, rigging, and audio. The event was designed around the building’s architecture to ensure it complemented the space, making use of stone archways, pillars, and mezzanines to influence the flow of guests. The creation of separate spaces within the venue also required a carefully considered rigging design which interacted with the existing equipment to create a black box cinema, made complete with a floating 8x4.5m screen.

The outside of the building was washed in brand colours to give maximum impact on approach, with a carpeted walkway guiding guests into the venue.  This was achieved with Chauvet’s IlluminARC range of architectural fixtures.

Once inside, (and following a large-format printed selfie opportunity of course), guests were guided down a dark corridor which represented a timeline of the company’s achievements. At the end of the corridor was a huge 8m wide LED wall which displayed impressive footage from Blackmagic’s camera range. Drapery, carpeting, and moody spot lighting completed the look.

At the end of the corridor, guests were led through an opening into a huge party space. Drinks were served in the glow of giant LED billboard signage which showcased more of Blackmagicdesign’s achievements, whilst a ‘paris chic’ vibe was achieved with furniture and lighting, against the backdrop of a starry sky.

The ‘big reveal’ moment came half way through the event, when a drape wall was opened to reveal a walkway to a secret space. Inside was a cavernous pop-up cinema room with giant 8m wide 4k projection screen, intelligent lighting fixtures, and large keynote stage. Guests were shown stunning content from the product and got a chance to gain professional insight from filmmakers who had used the camera. Projection was provided by Barco’s stunning UDX-4K32 series, whilst Chauvet and Elation fixtures took care of the lighting, controlled by the ever-reliable Avolites console. A crystal-clear audio system was provided by SXS’ own designed point source speaker cabinets – the SXS TR281.

The event drew to a conclusion back in the party space with entertainment from roaming musicians and DJs, ensuring all the guests had a night to remember! Again dancefloor lighting was provided by Chauvet and Avolites, whilst this time a Martin Audio system took care of the audio requirements.

This event perfectly allowed SXS to showcase some creative flair and assist in the development of the event from an early point, which is something we rarely get the chance to do. This resulted in a constructive relationship between client and production company, and ultimately a great experience for the guests. We wish Blackmagicdesign every success when the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K hits the market later in the year.