Clifton Suspension Bridge Greening

Product Launches 3 MIN READ

We were delighted to be invited to “green” the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge

When Tourism Ireland wants to celebrate St Patrick’s Day they wanted to be working with the region’s most innovative and creative lighting company, so they decided to work with us.


The brief was to “green” the Clifton Suspension Bridge with lighting equipment.   “Greening” has now become a verb for the process of lighting something up green.   We wonder if we might get asked to “blue the bridge”, “red the bridge” or even “rainbow the bridge” in future.



Getting the perfect photo was vital so we took the approach that we were painting the bridge with light, in much the same way that we might design lighting for a theatre show.   This means getting consistent wash, using angles well and hiding the lighting fixtures.    At first glance the bridge looks like it can be flood-lit but the actual solution is vastly more complex.  With various ties, catenaries, abutments and other structural elements the range of positions and lighting fixtures needed was huge.


The green lighting fixtures we placed all around the bridge and also hung underneath the bridge.    The fixtures being used were all LED-powered and control centrally by a sophisticated control system.  Over 100 lighting fixtures were used.



Our team now have an intimate understanding of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and would be delighted to continue the creative journey of making it look amazing for special occasions.   As well as LED flood lighting, we are keen to work with clients who want to use gobo projection on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, projection mapping on the Bristol Suspension Bridge, outdoor laser light projections on the Clifton Bridge or light up the Suspension Bridge with different coloured lights in Bristol.