Lighting Up the Trees


SXS have been selected to support the annual Enchanted Christmas experience But it is so much more than just lighting up trees. Westonbirt Arboretum is the jewel in the crown of Forestry England (previously Forestry Commission).

Every year the arboretum hosts and manages the ‘Enchanted Christmas’ experience which has become an essential part of many families’ Christmas activities for the last 15+ years.

This year Forestry England awarded SXS a five year contract to deliver on the creative design, technical production and performances for this iconic project.

We knew that we had to ensure that we delivered on the core aspects of the event that have made it so successful in the past – namely celebrating the beauty and scale of the incredible collection of trees in the arboretum.  In addition to this we are creating an entirely new level of experience and engagement using some amazing new technologies and approaches.

This year Enchanted Christmas guests can expect to see features such as:

  • Northern Lights
  • Interactive musical trees
  • Forest characters
  • Talking trees
  • ‘Lightsaber’ style sky beams 

All of this in addition to what is potentially the largest single temporary lighting installation the south-west region has ever seen, with over 300 individual lighting fixtures across a 600 acre site.

Some of these concepts are being developed in-house and have never been done before. You can see some preview videos of these here:

Tree Projection Test at Warleigh Weir, Cotswolds AONB

Laser “northern lights” and LED flood test at Nightingale Valley, Bristol


In addition to creating an amazing experience, we have also ensured that sustainability is core to the project. The reduction of carbon emissions has been central to our design and we have incorporated our sustainability values into every aspect of the project, including:

  • Substantial reduction in fuel use from previous events through thoughtful fixture selection and use of newly available technology
  • Use of SolCell deployable energy systems – including construction of small off-grid power stations and power storage systems onsite with zero emissions
  • Ensuring we make use of existing available resources as opposed to bringing in diesel generators.

We invite our partners, friends, family, clients and suppliers to come to the event and we will gladly give them a tour of the event!   Tickets can be purchased here, or contact us here