Local creative agency PYTCH bring the tech to unique underground party

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On 7 August 2021, a Bristol based experience company hosted their 15th Anniversary event “The Underground” beneath the city centre. For the sound and lighting setup they chose PYTCH.

Brislington based PYTCH provided a unique visual solution with lasers, cutting edge lighting design, backed up with an extensive high-quality audio system for the event, which had over 2,000 people attend. 

PYTCH specialise in the sustainable delivery of meaningful, unique, and unforgettable experiences. For the event they provided a mixture of specialist sound and lighting as well as smoke and fog effects for the event. All of the equipment was transported less than four miles in one trip made by one vehicle, with staff arriving on site via bike or Voi scooter.


Joe Hall, Production Manager at PYTCH said: “My team put together a complete, top spec sound and lighting solution for this event, using their creative skills, passion for live music and decades of experience to ensure the sound was the best it could be in the space chosen. They gave us the challenge of working with an unconventional space and we rose to it, adding lighting elements and special effects to really bring home the atmosphere of the night.

Once the two day set-up had been completed, the ops team worked through the night with the event starting at 8.30PM and finishing at 4:30AM. The de-rig team then went in to help clear the space to make sure that the underground delivery bays were free for the week ahead. At the end of the day, we can look back on this and be proud of the show we produced. I can safely say we are all excited for the next event.”


Ms Holden, Production Manager for the experience company said: “PYTCH delivered sound and lighting to our most recent event, The Underground. It was a large space to light and set speakers in and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Both the lighting and sound were exceptional. The whole team are professional, helpful, skilled and creative and we are really pleased. Having a good quality sound system is integral to our success and PYTCH ensured all our guests went away having had the time of their lives.

We are also impressed with how quickly they derigged. Because we put parties on in unusual spaces we need the turnaround time to be tight. Again, the team ensured all equipment was out by the following morning. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the event.”


With the event set to be massive and the teams working in close proximity, PYTCH put staff health and safety at the forefront of the operation. All team members were tested for Covid-19 before arriving on site for set up, as well as following standard safety protocol such as being asked to wear masks when possible and provided with hand sanitiser for the duration of the event.


To accomplish excellent sound delivery on the main stage, PYTCH used 14 cabinets of Martin Audio W8LM Line Array, configured as two stacks of six at the front, with two subsequent drops of two acting as delays to increase throw distance. PYTCH also used two Martin DD12s for lip fill to enhance the front row experience. The line array was powered by four racks of Lab Gruppen 14000s and 10000s. Processing was provided by a bank of XTA Electronic DP226s. On stage monitoring was managed by 2 Thunder Ridge TR281 tops and 2 XR118 Subwoofers providing DJs with crisp and responsive feedback.


Lighting for the main stage consisted of twelve Chauvet Strike P38, eight Chauvet Rogue R1-FXB, six LEDJ Spectra Flood QX40, (used for an intense strobe effect instead of their usual role as uplighting), six Chauvet Maverick Hybrid MK1 moving heads and two LaserWorld PL20000 RGB FB4 lasers. PYTCH also provided twenty-four Astera Titan Tubes for additional theatrical effect. All of this was controlled through an Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Console.


Special effects were covered by two Martin Gem ZR35 Fog Machines and two SmokeFactory Tour Hazer IIs.


Photo credit to SHOTAWAY.COM