NHS #lightitblue support with SXS LASER's


To support the NHS #lightitblue campaign we thought a light beacon would be a perfect expression of gratitude.

This was for the NHS #makeitblue and #lightitblue campaign that happened during the #clapforheroes last night. 


There isn’t much event work on right now so we thought about what we could do to support the awesome work of the NHS.   We wanted to do something at a massive scale that a lot of people would see – while also maintaining social distance.  A laser beam down Bristol harbour seemed perfect and allowed a great visual expression of the campaign.


We aim to support a lot of social and community projects; we are privileged to have the resources that we do and we feel a sense of responsibility to use these for good.


It was really fun to see the mystery that Bristolians were trying to solve:  “what was that strange light in the sky?”, “why was it there?”  “is it a UFO?”.


Lasers are just one part of what we do as a business.  Since we started investing heavily in LASER technology we have been able to increase the range of outdoor projection, lighting, message-sharing services we can offer.


We are very keen to do more projects like with Bristol harbour laser with other clients.   Lasers can be used for laser projecting logos, text or beacons.   A laser beacon like this one means the laser light effect can be seen for several kilometres and can be a red laser, blue laser, green laser or white laser.