Prep and Rehearsal Space Now Available


SXS have recently redeveloped one of our warehouses in Bristol to create a completely flexible working space. It is ideal for pre-tour preparation, rehearsals, or developing new technologies and shows.

With our complete range of technical equipment and staff just next door, this is the perfect place to hire out when in the development stages of your event. It could also be used for construction of large props and set pieces, or even collation and storage of technical equipment from many suppliers prior to going out onto a tour or installation. 


The unit comprises a 50sqm open warehouse space with various rigging points and polished resin floor, a smaller workshop space which can be enclosed or opened out into the main warehouse, a mezzanine level above the workshop, and an office space with meeting room/studio. There is also a bathroom with shower, and a kitchen. The unit has 125A 3-phase power connection so that even larger production rehearsals can be catered for, and is primarily powered by our on-site solar farm. 

Skyline Park is home to many creative industries, so you’ll be right in the heart of a melting pot of creativity, development, and technology. 


If you’re interested in hiring the space for long or short term, please get in touch