We are now Pytch!

We are now Pytch!


That is "Pitch" with a "y".   


After 20 years of saying "sierra, x-ray, sierra" on the phone, we felt that the chaos of the coronavirus was the perfect time to do something fresh and make our name more pronounceable. 


While this is a rebrand (the limited company registered in the UK 06953561 is the same in ownership, finances and structure), there is a deeper reason too. Since our inception in 1998, we have become a very different business. We are a sparky, creative, disruptive, fast-paced and keen team that are dead-set of doing things differently, better, in a fresh way and changing the world. We do fantastic work for our clients, challenge them and push our projects to new levels. We needed our brand to reflect this. The old brand did not reflect this and got lost in a sea of other similar-sounding three-letter-acronym names.


We used to think we were an AV and production company - we are not; this is just what we did. Our reason for existing is to create experiences and deliver messages with events simply being our preferred medium. We now know what we do, why we do it and are good at how we do it.


As a team, we worked together through a soul-searching cultural process that enabled us to both reflect on and reimagine what we are and why we are here. Pytch is just a name, but the values and ethos and philosophies run much more profound.



"Delivering unforgettable experiences and memorable messages. Bringing ideas to life."



"Pytch makes the world a better place by creating the best experiences possible. Pytchers use our privilege and resources to make positive impacts which are bigger than us. We make the creative process easy and enjoyable by working with flexibility and transparency. Pytchers innovate, challenge, and disrupt. Pytchers do work that we can all be proud of."


The new name is "Pytch".


People who work there are "Pytchers"


The HQ is called "The Pytch".


And to avoid website confusion (and for fun), we also purchased


There have been no legal, financial or structural changes - just a name change.