PYTCH Re-brand

Creative 5 MIN READ

Our own brand is the biggest reflection of our work and the first thing our clients often see.

In 2020, we decided that our old brand ‘SXS Events’ did not accurately reflect who we were or what we were about any more. We were doing more and more creative, brand, and broadcast work for our clients, and it was time to start reflecting that in our company image. 



Thus, PYTCH was born. A full brand strategy was drawn by us from scratch, encompassing all of our values, vision, and most importantly, how we would present ourselves to the world. 

The bold, impactful logo was the first step in this process, however in order to express our new, creative ethos, we created physical ‘expressions’ of our logo, which have been used in imagery across our new brand. A full set of brand guidelines were also created by our creative team.



We are proud to have driven this new identity ourselves internally, and we hope you feel it is a more fun and creative reflection of who we are. 


View our 'new normal' launch video here: