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Let's talk about the future of events.

It's no longer about who's in the room, but, also who's not in the room!


The future of communicating messages and creating experience will have a significant online, remote and virtual element. Many traditional events will solely be virtual.


Pytch offers the UK's most comprehensive, sophisticated and advanced end-to-end solution to getting you virtual. Our three-step processes drive engagement, maximises value, increases accessibility, and saves cost.


STEP 1 – Vision, ideation, strategy and content


Let's get to the root of what we are here!


Pytchers work as an extension of your team to get to the nitty-gritty of WHY you are doing your project and WHAT you want to achieve, which allows us to establish HOW we do it. Once done, we challenge your paradigms, look at things differently use our 20+ years experience to push you to new levels of engagement, ROI, excitement and results. This can incorporate market analysis, focus groups, content creation and strategy design – we do as much or as little as you are comfortable with and work with your existing networks as needed.

We have the experience, resources, in-house motion graphics studio, broadcast filming capabilities and one of the best creative teams in the UK.


STEP 2 – Production


Let's put on a show!


Pytchers love a show and will work with you to curate and produce excellence. Be it a concise training event, an inspirational talk, celebratory award shows, an incredible product demo or a tv-show-style chat show update we'll make it happen. We own the UK's most advanced purpose-built hybrid studio, The Virtual Venue. Featuring broadcast production, gigabit internet, a massive video wall, stunning green rooms and set up for social distancing.


STEP 3 – Audience experience, broadcast and publish.


Video calls and youtube are not enough, do more!


Online polling, direct chats, streaming, video break-out rooms, sponsor engagement and rich data are easily integrated into our solutions. The level of data and delegate feedback from a virtual event is far higher than traditional events.

Pytch uses the highly sophisticated Intelligo platform where clients need the best experience possible. We can also use other platforms where needed, including letting remote presenters use their platforms of choice.


For post-event publishing, we can provide customised video on demand (VOD) platforms with extensive branding and engagement options. Edits are done in-house and can be published on our own VOD platform or onto other social channels.


Our founder loves virtual events and shared his enthusiasm in this video.


Please get in touch to chat about your virtual event.