PYTCHAir Live!

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In 2021, a Boeing 727 private jet, affectionately dubbed 'PYTCH Air' was transported down the M5 from Gloucester on its final ever journey to our home in Bristol.

As part of the day's activities, we produced a live-streamed broadcast show of the entire journey. Hosted by broadcaster Chris James, the show ran for over 7 hours on Facebook and Youtube live, amassing a dedicated viewership following the plane's journey through Gloucestershire countryside and down the motorway. 

PYTCHAir Live 1

As well as live-tracking the journey of the plane and getting regular updates from the road crew, the show featured interviews with experts in aviation and engineering, as well as VTs from guests and other related parties. Our team conducted regular social-media check-ins with the audience, answering questions and showing footage and imagery from the aircraft's heyday in the 80s and 90s. 

PYTCHAir Live 2

The entire creative for the show was produced taking heavy nods from aviation tropes such as departure boards, as well as some more traditional broadcast elements like montages and wipe graphics. 

PYTCHAir Live 3


PYTCHAir Live 4

The grand finale of the show took place when the plane arrived on site, with Chris rushing outside with his microphone to greet the roaming crew. 

The event also raised over £1100 in donations to the Great Western Air Ambulance, with the team showing thanks by conducting live fly-bys of the journey in their helicopters.

PYTCHAir Live 5


You can watch the entire show below, or learn more about PYTCH Air here>>