SPAR Annual Stakeholder Conference

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Since being founded in 1932 SPAR has been driven by a simple philosophy - independent wholesalers and retailers can achieve more by working together. SPAR holds an annual conference for retailers and suppliers to promote the company’s growth and share ideas.

The Coronavirus pandemic meant that this year's conference would be virtual. As this was Spar's first ever virtual event, it was incredibly important to the team that they would create an exceptional virtual experience that brought forward all the benefits of a live gathering, but with the additional creative opportunities that were offered by the virtual format.


The key expression was 'not just a webinar' - and PYTCH took this to heart. We arranged dedicated one-to-one meetings with each of the SPAR executive team, discussing their key outcomes and talking points for the conference. Our graphic studio then set about designing immersive digital backdrops for the conference, and ensuring the presentation content was as rich and engaging as possible.


Spar UK conference 2021 in The Virtual Venue by PYTCH


We also worked with our platform partners - Intelligo - to build in rich interactive features such as polling and Q&A, despite a few logistical and security challenges.


Being their first foray into virtual, reliability was a key factor for the SPAR team. Luckily, the PYTCH Virtual Venue is equipped with failover redundancy at every stage, from the synchronised presentation machines, through the multiple playback devices, SSD and Cloud recording devices, and into our dual endpoint machines, where the feed is transmitted down our two dedicated fibre lines to the internet. We also ensured that we streamed to more than one platform, ensuring that we mitigated risk from start to finish.


Spar UK conference at The Virtual Venue with PYTCH


The results spoke for themselves. Louise Hoste, MD of SPAR UK said:

"Building up to the event, the management and coordination of presentations and the show was excellent – Dave really brought it all to life. On the day, despite our nerves, the production team were excellent, calm and managed all of our last minute changes. Unlike many virtual events, we had very little ‘drop offs’ from the audience – a credit to Lucy, Dave, the PYTCH team, the amazing stage and delivery of the event. Thank you!"


We look forward to helping SPAR deliver their next conference - in whatever format it may take!