SXS Create the World’s First Solar Powered Christmas Tree

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Last night the world’s first solar powered Christmas tree was turned on in Clifton Village, Bristol, UK. Many were skeptical of how this icon of festivity can be powered by the sun when there is no sun.

But how was this done?

Bristol-based company SXS Events have developed a renewable energy system that allows powered to be generated and stored from the sun.  The system, called SolCell is pre-charged from SXS’ solar array and then delivered to the event sites.   The system also generates energy onsite with an array of solar power.

“This is a world first; the people who were at the switch-on were part of history by seeing the first solar powered Christmas tree switched on.”  Says SXS founder Johnny Palmer “This, along with all the other projects SolCell is being used for, marks the mainstream use of solar and battery technology to shake off our use of fossil fuels”


Where did SolCell come from?

“We realised that a lot of what we were doing in the events industry simply wasn’t sustainable so we started looking at what we were able to do improve the eco-credentials of our work and share this positive message.”  Johnny goes on to say  “We are fortunate to have the right resources to develop systems likes SolCell and decided to get to work on making a system that allows us to avoid using fossil fuels.  A year on and we have developed four systems that have undergone intense R&D, testing and field use.   We are now using these on commercial projects with great results.  In fact a lot of our crew and clients prefer SolCell to other forms of energy as the system is silent, easy to use and provides rich data.”


What’s the future of SolCell?

“What we need to see now is the market place adopts these systems.  Once this happens we will invest in larger systems that increase rthe range of projects that SolCell can be used for.  We have pledged to reinvestment all revenue from SolCell into developing new systems for the next two years.  So the more people use it, the more renewable event energy becomes – so spread the word and be part of the SolCell Revolution!”