SXS Invests Heavily in Rigging


‘Change is good’ as they say. Well, we have made a huge change in our rigging stocks this month at SXS. With the help of the good guys at AED Group, we have invested in 250+ metres of new Prolyte trussing, including H30V box truss in 3m, 2m, 1m, and 0.5m lengths, and around 50m of H40V in various lengths.

We also took delivery of a huge range of system components such as corner blocks, 110mm extension spigots, base plates, and 6x MPT self-climbing tower systems.

We are now extremely well stocked for production rigging, with the added bonus of Prolyte being the industry standard meaning that we can cross-hire to other production companies across the UK.


Along with this, we have expanded our stocks of Liftket D8 direct-drive motorised chain hoists, taking delivery of some new 1t hoists, and for the first time also investing in 2t hoists for added load capacity. 


For any event rigging or hire needs, give us a call or visit our X-Hire site