SXS Launch the ‘Good Programme’


For our 20th year we have been considering what we can do to make SXS the best place to work in the UK events industry. At SXS HQ we all agree we want our workplace to be somewhere we are excited to go to every day and for our work to be one of the most fulfilling parts of our lives. This made us reflect on what we can do to make the work better and more meaningful as well as increase what we are contributing beyond the work we do for our clients.

This inspired us to launch the SXS Good Programme. This is a simple set of opportunities for SXS staff to engage in making their lives and the lives of those in their community better and healthier. We wanted everything to be sustainable and high-value.

The SXS Good Programme has been summarised in a simple image which is below. We made it like this so that it is easy for people to share and post online - we hope that this might inspire other employers to copy these simple and low-cost activities.

If you or your organisation or group would like to benefit from the Paid Community Days please get in touch.