The Stand Up Chat Show

Virtual 4 MIN READ

What happens when all in-person comedy gigs are banned indefinitely? You have to think outside the box!

In early 2020, highly regarded comedian Emmanuel Sonubi came to Pytch with a challenge: produce a virtual comedy show that is as engaging and entertaining as a live performance. 

Emmanuel on sofa

Emmanuel and Pytch discussed the possibilities and challenges associated with hosting a comedy event online, and soon after, The Stand Up Chat Show was born. The show was an hour-long format, with guests comedians performing and chatting to Emmanuel. However, we implemented a twist – a live ‘front row’, where guests could interact with the people on stage. This dimension meant that the comedians received real-time feedback, and could even engage in games and banter with the audience at home. 



Hosted in The Virtual Venue – Pytch’s very own virtual events studio. We provided a full broadcast team including 3x broadcast cameras, and the stunning Virtual Venue digital LED wall provided a backdrop of the London skyline. As of summer 2020, The Stand Up Chat Show is still ongoing, and is gaining more followers every day!


To learn more about The Virtual Venue, click here or visit The Virtual Venue.