The UK Tax Investigations Conference

Conferences | Virtual 4 MIN READ

How do you make an informative event engaging and educational in a virtual setting?

The UK Tax Investigations Conference is an annual event critical to the tax and finance industry. Usually held as an in-person event in London, UK, this year the difficult decision was made to hold it virtually. 


We provided full production support, including advice on how to convert such an event from physical to online successfully, and working with their internal content team to create a package of digital assets. PYTCH also handled ticket sales and registrations on the client’s behalf, and built the event on the virtual platform Intelligo.



The event itself was broadcast live from our Virtual Venue studios. The event was an astounding success, with a 40% increase in viewer numbers over the previous year. The client said: “We are so impressed with the work you did for us on the PFP Tax Investigations conference. The Virtual Venue is a fantastic space and your team were extremely helpful all the way through the process. We are considering making this event virtual every year, and we’ll be in touch very soon to discuss future events.”