What about Sponsors?

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This article is number 2 of a 5 part series.

What about sponsors?


Tric Step and Repeat


For the majority of shows, our team produces, sponsor engagement is critical to the show - without them, the show can lack both the income and audience it needs to deliver great results for all involved. So looking after sponsors is vital. Start with finding out what the objectives of sponsors is: Exposure? Celebration? Brand alignment? Relevance? Once you know this it is easier to consider the precise way to drive value for them from a virtual event.  In terms of sponsor elements here are some methods that can be used:

Brand exposure in invitation emails

branded/sponsor goody-bags sent to guests in advance

Remote dining service (food delivery) with course sponsorship

Sponsor branding on the virtual events platform (our preferred platform is www.intelligo.uk which allows on-page sponsors, banner sponsors, ident sponsors and registration sponsors

Traditional TV-style sponsor ads between sections.of the show

Platform-based networking and communications between sponsor and guest (also excellent on Intelligo - check it out!)


Intelligo Logo


Category sponsorship (traditional method)

Sponsor presenting the award

Short presentation about a sponsor message (but keep it short!)


In addition to these branding-based sponsorship options, there are also unique opportunities for rich data analysis from virtual events. At registration, guests can be invited (or required) to provide a set of information that can include personal data (subject to GDPR regulations) as well as answering quizzes or polls. This can be incredibly valuable for market research or a number of other functions for sponsors.


This is part two of a five-part series. Click here for parts one, three, four and five.