What is Dry Hire?

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Simply put, when hiring equipment on dry hire it will not include an operator or technician. When dry hiring you are acquiring responsibility for operating the equipment.

Dry hire is the cheaper rental option as you don't need to pay for either operator or technician labour. Lots of the equipment we have available is very technical and challenging to operate, so this form of hire isn't appropriate for every hire scenario.

PYTCH does not just just offer a basic unsupported hire service. We have a range of approaches to hire accounts which you can check out below.


Traditional Dry Hire 

To use this service, customers are expected to know what equipment they need, how to use it and have the secondary infrastructure to make it work for them and their application.


Brief-driven Dry Hire 

This is for customers who have something they want to achieve and perhaps some idea of the equipment needed.


Dry Hire with training 

At PYTCH we want all equipment to be used in the best and safest possible manner, so this service offers some basic training on equipment where appropriate.


Assisted Hire 

This is hire service appropriate when customers are requiring a more complex solution, or one where the PYTCH equipment is unique, a senior technician is sometimes required to support the customer’s own team.


Full Production

This includes design, management, staffing, compliance, risk assessments, method statements and implementation. Please call the PYTCH office for more information.


Which hire agreement is right for me?

Head to hire.pytch.co.uk/types-of-hire and you will find a substantial description of each approach. Additionally, if you ask yourself the following questions it will help guide your decision: 

  • Do I know what equipment I want? 
  • Do I know what equipment I need?
  • Do I know how to operate the equipment I would like to hire?
  • Is it only equipment I need from PYTCH?

Want to speak to someone before making a decision? You can call the PYTCH office and enquire about which approach is more suitable for you.