What is X-Hire?

News | R&D 2 MIN READ

SXS Have developed a new platform for events - ‘X-Hire’. X-Hire aims to help our clients have the smoothest, most modern experience possible when procuring hire equipment for their events.

X-Hire gives users access to SXS’ entire catalogue of equipment, including technical data, imagery, and more importantly live availability and pricing. X-Hire is built to be the ‘Amazon of event production’, allowing users to create an account, manage their orders, track project budgets, get real-time availability and pricing on products, and place new orders.

Primarily aimed at ‘dry hire’ customers, X-Hire was developed by our head of dry hire, Joe Sandford-Hughes. ‘There are some really good suppliers in the market already but what I found surprising is that, despite being a highly technology-focused industry, none of the incumbent suppliers had a strong platform for accessing information, compiling costs and seeing historical data.’ Says Joe. ‘We thought that if industries like aviation, retail, and even restaurants can develop online systems, then so should someone in the events sector. So we did.’

X-Hire also has a live chat function, allowing customers to reach out to a member of the SXS team to ask questions if necessary.

Visit X-Hire here