Who is listening to your show?


Did you know, that in many cases within a 1000 metre radius of an event anyone could tune in and hear everything you are saying?

Traditional radio microphones transmit on frequencies that are easily to tune into with relatively cheap and accessible equipment.   This means that your conference, presentation or speeches can be listened to by people who you might not want to have listening to them.

While this may not be an issue for a lot of events, this can be very serious for some events.  Events and conferences such as company AGMs, business seminars and strategy conferences often involve highly confidential information that must be kept confidential.  The majority of radio microphones used in the UK are liable for this issue.

At SXS we have invested in the next generation of Sennheiser 6000 series radio microphone systems which feature encryption technology to ensure that no one can hear your show.   You can learn more about them in this #sxstechseries video

You can get these amazing new mics on your next event by contacting us.