World Procurement Congress
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By Jordan Tomkins
World Procurement Congress

A ground-breaking hybrid global event delivered to over 1600 attendees over three days.

World Procurement Congress

The Brief:
Procurement Leaders tasked PYTCH with taking their prestigious global congress event to a new audience and making it available online to watch around the globe. The client were unsure on delegate uptake and numbers, so the production had to be flexible; small enough to allow for significantly reduced in-person attendance, but still impressive enough to wow, both online and IRL. The production also had to encompass multiple elements, with a content-driven congress across three stages, large exhibition area, and not one but two awards ceremonies!

The Solution:
As the go-to partner for virtual and in-person events, PYTCH designed a full-stack hybrid solution. PYTCH studios produced a brand identity for the client based on their 2021 theme of ‘Rebuilding the Future’, which was then developed into a motion graphics and video pack to cover both online graphics and in-the-room screens. With two large main stages, each with broadcast-quality camera rigs, the wow factor for both congress and awards was ensured, and an alternative brand identity for these awards was also developed to ensure each element of the event felt unique and distinct.

The exhibition was loosely built around a ‘festival’ theme, and featured picnic benches and faux grass alongside the more usual sights of sponsors’ stands and catering zones.

The entire event was to be broadcast virtually using our platform partner Intelligo, which featured the perfect blend of customisation and branding opportunities with rich interaction features and rock-solid reliability.

The Result:
"We have now worked with PYTCH on 12 events spanning 4 years, each time we have been impressed by the team, the service they provide and the creative content they provide. For us, they deliver the whole package and can be relied upon for our largest and most prestigious events.
We are proud to collaborate with such a values driven company with social responsibility at the heart of what they do. The events field isn’t known for positive climate impact, which makes their efforts towards carbon negative action goals and B-Corp ambitions all the more impressive. With all this in mind, PYTCH were a clear choice."
Stuart Duff and Sarah Oliver - Procurement Leaders

Our Sustainability:
Fake grass recycled from a sports event.
Virtual offering allowed for zero-travel attendance.
PYTCH provided pro-bono production for the ‘World Sustainability Awards’ as part of the event.