A successful online event planned within 6 days, that engaged with over 1200 management staff and even provided the client with some assets to share post-event!

Store & Area Managers’ Conferences 2022

The Brief:

With one week to go before their annual managers’ update events, Superdrug took the bold decision to move everything online to a virtual conference. Having used PYTCH in the past, they knew we were up to the challenge, and the gauntlet was laid down for us to pivot a three-day in person conference for 1500 people to an entirely virtual event that fit into three 3-hour sessions.

The Solution:

PYTCH sprung into action, firing up our Virtual Venue studios and mobilising a production team of show producers and technicians in short order. We consulted with the client on how to modify their agenda and content for the new format, and provided them with support in going virtual, including platform procurement and setup.

The Result:

It was a pleasure to work with you and your team again. I really appreciate you being able to turn everything sound so quickly and the Superdrug team are really happy with the outcome… Everything went really smoothly and your team were brilliant.
Thank you for all your help.

Millie DrewEvent Manager


Fully virtual for zero-carbon attendance.
All-LED based lighting rig.
Virtual Venue studios powered from renewable energy.

Store & Area Managers’ Conferences 2022
The Virtual Venue, Bristol, UK

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