Production Technician

The Role

The role of “Production Technician” is working on the front line of live and virtual events, using a diverse range of equipment.

The role works across multiple technician disciplines including audio, lighting, video, rigging, staging, power and set. This is an ideal role for someone with an established track record in multi-disciplined roles who want to further develop their diversity of skills, as well as achieve a great level of sophistication in specific areas.

We own the uk’s broadest range of production equipment including some of the most advanced items available.


PYTCH is an award-winning event production and creative media company based in Bristol UK.

We help clients create memorable experiences virtually and in person. To do this we have a lot of equipment, awesome staff (we call them “PYTCHers”), our own studios, a manufacturing facility and an amazing HQ, the PYTCH Campus (with our own Airliner).

We are not the biggest company, but we do big things, fast, with impact and integrity. We move fast, energise and create.

While we approach our work with a focus on integrity, reliability and value, at our core we are a purpose driven business. We espouse sustainable event practices, technical innovation, inclusive engineering and creativity. We disrupt the things we think don't work. We are a certified B-corp and support a lot of environmental and social causes. Learn more here.

Our Work

We produce a wide range of events and support a diverse client base. This ranges from small lighting installations for private events, to arena shows. From creative light trails to top-tier corporate event production and major performances. This work is underpinned by a love of blending art with technology. Our work is mainly in the south of the UK with a high volume of work in our home city of Bristol. Many of our larger projects are in central London.

As well as working for an array of awesome clients we also produce our own shows which gives opportunities for all PYTCHers to get involved and expand their skill-base creatively and technically.

We are preferred in-house supplier to multiple venues, as well as our own soundstage, Box7.

Specifics for the role

The specific tasks within the role include:

  • Maintenance and improvement of equipment.
  • Participating in production design meetings.
  • General warehouse duties as required to maintain a safe and production environment.
  • Prepping equipment for projects.
  • Setup and operation of equipment for projects.

Essential Skills

The below are the essential skills the successful candidate must have:

  • A positive, can-do, energetic attitude.
  • An open mind and desire to learn new skills and grow as a person.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good written communication skills.
  • Good overall understanding of event production technology including audio, lighting, video and rigging (to a level where you can advise on or design solutions).
  • Good overall IT skills.
  • Experience in the live event, film/tv or media industries.

Development Opportunities

The opportunities for personal development and learning new skills at PYTCH are fantastic. With our highly diversified service offering you can learn new skills in every creative and technical discipline while in the job - this includes graphic design, videography, lighting, rigging, sound, video systems, 3d printing and many others.

Within the team of “PYTCHers” there is an incredible set of skills and knowledge which are readily shared.

All staff are encouraged to try new roles and build new skills; opportunities are provided to do this in a safe space at a comfortable pace.

For those wishing to develop their careers, we encourage them to build the skills necessary to enter the senior leadership team. Department-head and c-level positions are attainable on a merit basis and swiftly.

As a relatively small company of under 30 full-time staff you will have access to and work with people of every type within the organisation.

PYTCH is a subsidiary of Autonomous Investments, a private equity group which includes companies of varying sizes in accommodation, software, industrial property, offices, renewable power, construction and not-for-profit activities. Occasional opportunities exist to benefit from and support other group companies.

Place of work

The "PYTCH Campus" is based at Skyline Park BS4 5EN - an iconic industrial estate wholly owned by PYTCH’s parent company. Our PYTCH HQ is situated in 1 Skyline Park which is a spectacular office and warehouse complex with an EPC of A3, is primarily solar and battery powered and uses zero hydrocarbons largely due to the use of air-source-heat pumps.

We care a lot about the workplace and for this reason we purchased the industrial estate we are on in order to enable developing it to maximise staff welfare.

Adjacent to the PYTCH HQ is PYTCHAir, our airliner private jet. This space is used for meetings, parties, photo shoots and a fun place to collaborate.

We have secure bike storage, cycle servicing, ample off-street parking, EV charging, onsite showers and accessible toilets. Over the road from our HQ is 20+ acres of open meadows.

All PYTCHers benefit from a large communal kitchen which is ideal for preparation of fresh and healthy food.

We have great coffee and a sparkling water tap!

Contract details and Benefits

Type of Role - Full Time
Hours of Work - 8.30am to 5pm as standard but this changes to suit the needs of events.
Location of Work - 1 skyline park, BS4 5EN and event sites as required.
Holiday - 28 days paid holiday a year.
Equipment - Laptop and whatever other IT equipment required.


We operate a transparent approach to pay and salaries. Anything less seems odd to us.

The salary for this role ranges from £24k-£30k depending on scope of ancillary work, need for training and past experience.


We recognise that for many job interviews can be intimidating per overwhelming and we want to attract diverse applicants. As such we encourage people to explore employment with us on a casual basis - come over for a chat, coffee, feel the vibes, and get to know the team. Often these conversations uncover previously not-considered opportunities, or introductions to other people who are better placed to help.

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