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Ashton Gate Stadium

PYTCH were founded here, and have grown up around the amazing culture and vibrant people.

We are delighted to be the in-house event production partner at Ashton gate Stadium Bristol. Our work includes supporting conferences, match days, corporate events, parties, awards shows and dinners with a full range of event services. These services include sound systems, staging, conference services, lighting, video projection and set design.

Ashton Gate Stadium is one of the largest event venues in the South-West, and is the home of Bristol City Football Club and the Bristol Bears Rugby Team.

ashton gate stadium bristol city bristol bears rugby football

The spaces at Ashton Gate Stadium include:

  • Dolman Rooms - This is another large open space ideal for exhibitions and large dinners.
  • Lansdown Room 1 - This is a large space ideal for conferences, dinners and awards shows.
  • Lansdown Room 2 - This space is the middle of the three interconnected events spaces and features, like the other two, integrated lighting, good rigging and excellent access.
  • Lansdown Room 3 - This third space is also connected to the other two and has its own bar.
  • Lansdown Rooms 1/2/3 - This is the large space that is created by removing the sound proofed walls from the three rooms. This space is ideal for large dinners, conferences, parties and awards shows.
ashton gate stadium lansdown suite pytch events
  • Heineken Lounge - This space has one of the best view in the city - overlooking the pitch on one side and out towards Long Ashton on the other. Complete with its own bar it is a great space for parties.
  • West Concourse - This is one of the largest indoor events spaces in the region and is ideal for large-scale conferences, performances, concerts and exhibitions. It has high ceilings, excellent rigging and great ground-level access.

We love producing events at Ashton Gate Stadium for a lot of reasons:

  • The team are friendly and supportive.
  • Access is Great - Especially to the concourse spaces.
  • The acoustics of the main event spaces are very good. While the concourse (which has a lot of hard surfaces) are easily dressed and draped to achieve the desired acoustics.
  • The power at the venue is excellent, with ample three-phase event power supplies everywhere needed.
  • We have our own on-site mini-warehouse where we keep commonly used equipment - this reduces travel and crew costs as well as carbon emissions from kit transport.

Anyone interested in hosting an event in the South West should certainly consider this excellent venue.

You can speak to your account manager at Ashton Gate Stadium about your production needs, or liaise with PYTCH directly.

Please click here to contact PYTCH.

Check out the video below for details about how PYTCH support events in Ashton Gate Stadium.