Immersive Technologies
Immersive Technologies

Our PYTCHLabs team have designed and created a huge array of immersive technologies for projects, activations, and sensory experiences.

Everything from water screen projections to touring ice bars have been designed and developed in our workshops. If you're looking to add another dimension to your live experience, then our team can make it happen.

HOLOX Holography

PYTCH are live event hologram experts and have created our own on-stage hologram effect for bringing people or effects to life in front of the audience's very eyes!

HOLOX hologram live events

Aquila Rain Curtains

Whether you want an interactive programmable water curtain effect for your guests to run right under, or a projected rainfall experience, PYTCH are used to playing with water.

Tresemme Britain's Next Top Model set water

HUDOR Holographic Water Projection Screens

Making graphics or imagery appear to float above the water, our HUDOR system is a unique way of adding flair to an outdoor event or activation.


Transparent Swimming Pool Coverings & Stages

We've built stages over swimming pools and lakes in all sort of locations. Whether it's a private party, fashion show, or simply an event where you need more space, PYTCH are the experts in swimming pool stage coverings.


Ice Bars and Temperature Controlled Rooms

We built the UK's first ever touring ice bar. If you need a temperature controlled event space or ice bar, we are the team to call. And because we have our own fabrication department, we can dress it to look the part too!


Projection Mapping

With our high-brightness laser projectors and in-house digital content team, we can design amazing shows across buildings or natural features, wherever you are in the world.


Lasers and Laser Mapping

PYTCH are used to putting lasers in unusual places. Our laser effects have been seen across city skylines and used to highlight buildings across the country.


Scents and Fragrances

High-powered fragrance machines can fill a room with emotion. Whether it's fresh popcorn scent at a cinema-themed event, or the smell of a fish market at a walk through experience, the sense of smell can be a powerful tool.


Programmable Show Control

As one of the only UK-based companies licensed to use the same control systems as Disneyland, we know a thing or two about pre-programming interactive experiences. Our teams can design and build the most complex of shows, installing them in such a way that they are foolproof to operate for years to come.