What We Do

PYTCH is one of the most well-resourced live event production companies in the UK.

Unlike many others, we have the technical expertise and equipment in-house to back up the creative vision, and have our own warehouses crammed with lights, video screen, speakers and rigging (as well as some other funky stuff). Our technical team excel in audio-visual delivery. We have produced over 4000 live events from conferences to awards shows, product launches to exhibitions and one-off experiential events.

Whether it’s motion graphics or a live-action video shoot, our studio team will put your message on-screen in a way that smashes out and grabs your audience before they know what’s hit them.

We work with a huge range of formats, from giant LED walls at a conference to TikTok videos on your phone, and have even projected messages onto buildings or trees in a forest. We’ve also supported with TV shows and films, lending our unique input to create stunning productions.

Our Virtual Venue is the South-West’s first ever permanent virtual production studio. Utilising state-of-the art camera tracking technology and our large LED volume, we can transport you to far-flung locations on earth and beyond! Our digital sets have been used in horror films, game shows, e-sports tournaments, and insurance adverts. Have a vision but don’t want to travel to the desert, or space? Come down to our studio and we’ll help you produce a virtual production masterpiece.

PYTCH have our own creative R&D department - PYTCHLabs, where we create all kinds of amazing live and virtual event technologies. We’ve made the prime minister of Egypt appear via hologram, produced an 18ft high rain curtain at the London Boat Show, and even constructed and programmed a laser-controlled running track for Nike. Just some of our technologies are listed below. If you have something that you want to do, give us a call or email!- → Stage Holograms

SolCell was originally designed and developed by PYTCH as a solution to the issue of diesel power at live events. We created the system to produce clean, renewable energy for live event sites and now it is used to power festival stages, climate change demonstrations, and event activations around the UK. The SolCell system is made up of a large array of batteries which are charged from our own solar generation site in Bristol. It can then be transported anywhere in the world to deliver 100% renewable, clean, energy. By adding portable solar panels to the system on site, the system can be operated completely off-grid, indefinitely!

PYTCH have our own electricians who will come to your event site and ensure you are operating as efficiently and sustainably as possible, and we can even offer assistance with energy efficient lighting and sound equipment to get the best out of the system. For more information visit or give us a call.

PYTCH are experts in noise management and sound reduction on event sites. Our audio team combine advanced noise measurement software and PA system tuning techniques with physical baffling to ensure you have excellent quality sound where you need it, and as little noise as possible where you don’t.

We regularly receive feedback from clients applauding our ability to just make things happen. The team relish a creative challenge, and thrive on hearing ideas that we haven't done before. Half of our office is a plane - the sky really is the limit! For all your event production, film, or digital media needs, give us a call.