Silent Disco Headsets
Silent Disco Headsets

“Silent discos” have been popular for over a decade in the UK as a way of giving audience members the chance to hear high quality sound without the need for powerful sound systems. PYTCH offers a range of silent disco headsets and other wireless audio systems for events throughout the UK. In this page we will answer some common questions to help you decide if silent disco headsets are the right solution for your event.

What are silent disco headsets?

In practical terms these are essentially wireless headphones. They go on your head and the small speakers sit next to your ears. Within the headset there is a battery that powers the system and a wireless receiver that gets the transmitted signal to the signals

What do the headsets look like?

Take a look at the pictures on this page. They are a simple and clean design.

Why “Disco”?

These systems were originally used for “discos” or club nights where powerful sound systems could not be used. While this is a fun use, and one that we do at PYTCH, we typically use this equipment for events other than parties and raves. Read on…..

What can they be used for other than “discos”?

We have found massive popularity in this kit for a range of events including:

  • Conferences where there is a lot of noise and people need to hear clear audio.
  • Translated audio – for example where a main presentation is in English but some guests may want to listen in another language. In this application a translator will speak on a microphone which is transmitted to the silent disco headsets. We can have multiple “channels” at once so guests can choose between a range of translations.
  • Concerts in public places – a little more specialist we have found that some artists enjoy using silent disco headsets to enable an audience to be in a public place.

What can be played through the silent disco headsets?

These are a high-quality audio playback device so any sound can be played back through them. We typically run the sound through a sound mixing desk which enables us to mix music, spoken word, presentation sound or other sound sources.

What is the environmental impact of silent disco headsets?

These headsets have rechargeable batteries so are zero waste. The energy usage of them is tiny as they are hugely efficient. As with all battery powered equipment from PYTCH they can pre-charged from our onsite solar system.

Where are silent disco headsets used?

We provide silent disco headsets to our events in London and Bristol. In particular they go to Bristol conferences, London awards shows, Bristol exhibitions and also exhibitions in London.

Where can I hire silent disco headsets from?

We are based in Bristol, so for event producers and event organisers needing silent disco headsets in Bristol we are ideally situated at Skyline Park. We can also swiftly and easily courier or deliver silent disco headsets to London.

Can I try before I rent the silent disco headsets?

Of course! We love to have visitors to our base at Skyline park in Bristol, where you can come and play with the silent disco headsets in advance of hiring them. You can also have a demo or free training on any other sound, lighting, video, or staging gear you need. So next time you are in Bristol (or if you live in Bristol) please do give us a call and we would be delighted to have you over.