Paintworks Bristol

PYTCH are the in-house audio, visual, lighting and production provider at Paintworks.
We store equipment onsite, have 24-hour access and know the venue inside out.

This means that we offer refined services at great value with frictionless delivery.

Paintworks Event Space is a large, versatile, blank canvas with excellent access, ample power & great rigging. It is one of the city's most flexible spaces for conferences, weddings, party's and events.

If you want to book at Paintworks, you can get in touch with us at venues@pytch.co.uk, phone at 0333 022 0171 or by getting in touch directly with Paintworks through their website.

If you'd like to browse our rate card for Paintworks, you can download that here.

We are delighted to meet with you onsite to discuss your event. We also love to have visitors to the PYTCH Campus at Skyline Park where we can have tea on our Boeing 727 office.