A birds eye view of an awards show at the grosvenor house ball room
Awards at Grosvenor House Hotel

Established in the heart of London's Park Lane, the Grosvenor House Hotel exudes a historic charm that creates a magnificent backdrop for awards shows. This venue, with its luxurious settings and a history stretching back to 1929, has become synonymous with grand occasions. Examples of Grosvenor House Awards shows include the Performance Marketing Awards, the Television and Radio Industries Club Awards, and the Media Week Awards.


The allure of the Grosvenor House for awards events stems not just from the prestige associated with the venue, but also from its spectacular event spaces. The Great Room, once an ice rink where Queen Elizabeth learned to ice-skate, has now been transformed into a grand banquet hall that can accommodate up to 2000 guests.


The Ballroom, another iconic space, boasts a rich art-deco style, a subtle nod to the venue's heritage, making it an excellent choice for a more intimate awards ceremony. The Grosvenor House Hotel is a perfect venue for awards shows, with an excellent location and bags of character, however still featuring modern upgrades like the goods lift, which is large enough to transport a car onto the event floor. It is well set up for large scale set and stage designs too, with good rigging points and plenty of other technical upgrades. While many guests are simply in awe of the venue's chandeliers, there is a lot more that can be done with the space to really blow people away. Ultimately, the rich history, breathtaking architecture, and versatility make the Grosvenor House Hotel the venue of choice for awards ceremonies that aim to leave a lasting impression.

PYTCH have delivered technical production for a number of awards shows at the Grosvenor House. If you're considering the venue for your next show, why not get in touch for some advice on how to get the most from this prestigious venue? hello@pytch.co.uk 0333 022 0171