Supplier Code of Conduct

PYTCH Supplier Code of Conduct

Version: 1.0

Last modified: 18/11/2022


PYTCH are committed to operating sustainably and responsibly within our community. This extends to our supply chains and the work that we do with suppliers and as a supplier to others. This code of conduct sets out reciprocal expectations of our suppliers which mirror how we would expect to treat our customers. It also confirms our commitment to our suppliers in return.

All members of the PYTCH supply chain are expected to comply with this code of conduct. By complying with the expectations set out below, we can work together to build a more sustainable business landscape.

Laws and Regulations

Above all, suppliers agree to comply with all laws, regulations, and legislation relating to the supply of their goods or services in the jurisdiction which they operate. Suppliers shall be responsible for enforcing this within their own supply chain.

Ethics & Values

  1. Our employees, those of our suppliers, and our customers and their customers have the right to respectful treatment. We will not tolerate discrimination, harrasment, or victimisation of any kind.
  2. We will work constructively and collaboratively with our suppliers, and we expect suppliers to invest in their relationship with us to foster trust and commitment. We expect suppliers to speak out without fear of repercussion if a project or service is jeopardised by our behaviour or that of others.
  3. We expect suppliers to provide value in their offering. ‘Value’ is not necessarily the cheapest possible price, but a considered balance of cost-effectiveness and quality that meets the needs of the project or requirement.
  4. Suppliers should follow continuous improvement practices to reflect on their services and implement improvements regularly.
  5. In scenarios where suppliers are customer-facing or could be perceived as representatives of PYTCH, they should always act in the best interests of PYTCH and its network unless this directly contradicts any other terms of this code.
  6. Suppliers should always be accountable for their actions and exhibit humility and responsibility when reflecting on the provision of their goods and services.
  7. PYTCH and its suppliers are vehemently opposed to any kind of bribery, corruption, or money laundering activity.
  8. Suppliers respect the privacy and confidentiality of information of all employees and supply chain partners as well as protecting data and intellectual property from misuse and individuals or businesses from misrepresentation.


  1. Suppliers agree to conform to environmental best practice in the delivery of their goods or services wherever reasonably practicable.
  2. Suppliers agree to respect the right of PYTCH to uphold its own sustainability policy, even when this means reviewing or revising its supplier agreements. PYTCH may revise its own sustainability policy and trigger a review at any time.
  3. Suppliers understand that environmental sustainability is a core value of PYTCH, and therefore those that exhibit excellent environmental practice may be favoured above those which do not.
  4. Suppliers should always consider the second life of any goods supplied, and if they do not have their own second life arrangements, should allow PYTCH the right to dictate a second life use through the retention of ownership.
  5. Suppliers respect the right of employees and community to life and good health, and protect those around them from risks created by their actions.
  6. Suppliers minimise negative impacts on biodiversity, climate change, and water scarcity arising from their actions.
  7. Suppliers always use resources efficiently and conscientiously.

Signed 18/11/2022 by:

Joe Sandford-Hughes


Managed by:

Jordan Tomkins
Senior Operations Manager