Junior Set Builder


PYTCH is an event production and creative media company based in Bristol UK.

We help clients create memorable experiences virtually and in person. To do this we have a lot of equipment, awesome staff (we call them “PYTCHers”), our own studios, a manufacturing facility and an amazing HQ, the PYTCH Campus.

We are not the biggest company, but we do big things, fast, with impact and integrity. We move fast, energise and create.

While we approach our work with focus on integrity, reliability and value, at our core we are a purpose driven business. We espouse sustainable event practices, technical innovation, inclusive engineering and creativity. We disrupt the things we think dont work. We are a certified B-corp and support a lot of environmental and social causes. Learn more here.

We have the UK’s broadest stock of event production equipment which makes PYTCH an amazing place to learn about all disciplines of event production. This includes video, lighting, cameras, audio, rigging, set, fencing and distro.

The Role

The role of Junior Set Builder is an excellent opportunity to develop new skills and be part of a great team.

You will be working within our set build department on a wide range of projects including exhibition stands, signage, stage sets and flightcases.

The disciplines we cover in-house include carpentry, painting, CNC, 3d printing, welding/metalwork and large format print. Although we are small team we do a lot of different things.

You will be working to support our set department by doing the following:

  • Workshop cleaning and tidying.
  • Tool maintenance.
  • Painting (brush and spray).
  • Batch-runs of carpentry.
  • Assistant to CNC and large-format print operatives.

As you build your skills and knowledge you will be invited to support live event work, including:

  • Being involved in the design process.
  • More advanced carpentry and machine operation.

Essential Skills

The below are the essential skills the successful candidate must have

  • Good physical strength.
  • Excellent dexterity.
  • Ability to work within a close team and get along with people.
  • Excellent time keeping.
  • A good base of skills using carpentry and other tools.
  • An interest and passion for technology.

Place of work

PYTCH is based at Skyline Park - an iconic industrial estate owned by PYTCH’s parent company. PYTCH is situated in 1 Skyline Park which is a spectacular office and warehouse complex with an EPC of A3, multiple diverse working spaces and an awesome kitchen for healthy eating. Skyline Park also features the Box7 sound stage and PYTCHAir, our private jet (look it up).

Development Opportunities

We have an excellent track record of development of staff due to our inclusive approach to learning new skills. This role includes opportunities to develop the following as ancillary work to the core role:

  • Live event management experience (both client events and our in-house events).
  • Technical and creative work alongside the production team.
  • Property management (noting that PYTCH is part of a group of companies that owns substantial property holdings).
  • Content creation, marketing and other creative work.
  • Coaching and mentoring from the PYTCHers who have an incredible set of experience.

We are transparent in our pay grades, so that all people in the company can see what they can earn and what is required at every level of pay. We want to accelerate people through pay grades as swiftly as we can.


We operate a transparent approach to pay and salaries. Anything less seems odd to us.
The salary for this role works out at around 25k per annum.


You can apply for this job here.
Please also email your CV over to recruitment@pytch.co.uk

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We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. We publish a lot of content which is a great way of getting to know us.

Our website is here.