PYTCHers are part of something bigger than themselves. As a B-corp, PYTCH is a business that puts its staff on an equal footing with shareholders and clients.

Johnny Palmer on PytchAir
Founder & CEO
Johnny Palmer
Isabelle Judlin
Logistics and Venue Services Manager
Isabelle Judlin
Profile Photo of Chris Ford
Account Manager
Chris Ford
Profile Photo of Joseph Hall
Senior Production Manager
Joseph Hall
Profile Photo of Dan Giddings
Head of Lighting & Warehouse Manager
Dan Giddings
Profile Photo of Jake Giles Phillips
Senior Content Manager
Jake Giles-Phillips
Profile Photo of Jacob Nuttall
Creative Producer
Jacob Nuttall
Profile Photo of Penny Hughes
Junior Creative Producer
Penny Sandford-Hughes
James Gouge
Technical Specialist
James Gouge
Alex Thompson
Technical Manager & Head of Electrical
Alex Thompson
Profile Photo of James Wainwright
Head of Fabrication
James Wainwright
Profile Photo of Luke Boast
Head of Audio
Luke Boast
Profile Photo of Charlie Jones
Head of Video Systems
Charlie Jones
Ryan Andrews
Technical Manager
Ryan Andrews
Production Technician
Adam Redman
Profile Photo of Jack Knibbs
Production Technician
Jack Knibbs
Profile Photo of Jack Sheppard
Production Technician
Jack Sheppard
Profile Photo of Zak Jordan
Production Technician
Zak Jordan
Profile Photo of Lewis Jackson
Junior Production Technician
Lewis Jackson
Profile Photo of Harry Fox
Junior Production Technician
Harry Fox
Profile Photo of Simon Gore
Repair Technician
Simon Gore
Many of the team work at PYTCH precisely because of our values, and many of our clients choose us for the same reason.