Aquila Rain Curtain
Aquila Rain Curtain

The Aquila Rain Curtains, developed by the PYTCHLabs team, represent an innovative leap in the realm of immersive technologies used in live events. These curtains are a part of a larger spectrum of technological solutions aimed at enhancing the sensory experiences of audiences. This technology has been designed and developed with the intent to add an extra dimension to live experiences, making them more engaging and memorable.

The Aquila Rain Curtain was used uniquely at The Lumosphere, a winter illumination experience held at Leigh Court Stables. The Installation was erected in the courtyard, with it being the first installation the guests were greeted with. We used one of our amazing Panasonic PT-RZ990 10k lumen Laser Projectors to provide a punchy visual projection. We have used this to establish the basis of the light rail, giving the guests a sneak peek into what they might expect at The Lumosphere.

Aquila Rain Curtain offers a unique way to engage guests, allowing them to experience a projected rainfall, especially when the PYTCH creative team design bespoke graphics. The team designed the visuals using the full Adobe Suite (such as Illustrator and After Effects) with us also producing an amazing soundtrack to boot.

The water screen is adaptable for various event types, ranging from private parties to large-scale public events, providing a versatile solution for event organisers.

The technology behind these curtains involves a combination of waterscreen projection and advanced programming. Water screen projection is a technique where we produce a curtain of rain (hence the name) which acts as a projection screen. This setup allows for the creation of images, effects, or animations in the form of floating and moving holograms. The water droplets used are smaller than the projected pixels, which enables them to be clearly illuminated by light, laser, and video projections. This intricate system can be installed indoors and outdoors, with the only requirement being a water source or supply to the pump. In indoor settings, the draining water is collected in a temporary setup pool, ensuring a clean and controlled environment.

The rain curtain is a unqiue, fun and new way of using video projection on a different surfaces. We have used the rain curtain in light trails, fashion shows, bespoke sports events and even product launches!

Thomas Benoy - Creative Director

the Aquila Rain Curtains, allows for the creation of programmable and interactive experiences. These systems are capable of pre-programming complex shows, making them easy to operate and foolproof for continued use. The technology behind Aquila Rain Curtains embodies a blend of artistic creativity and technical expertise, making it an ideal choice for adding an extraordinary element to any event.

We used the water curtain at The London Boat show and Britain and Ireland's next top model