Venue Highlight: Grosvener House Hotel
Event Production
By Johnny Palmer
Venue Highlight: Grosvener House Hotel

The Grosvenor House Hotel is London’s largest central venue.

At PYTCH we work in the space a lot and are delighted to share our experiences of this excellent venue as well as the work we have done here over the last 15+ years.

Note PYTCH is not an in-house provider to the venue, although we work there regularly.

This page is intended to be useful for our clients who are working with us at the venue.

The Grosvenor House Hotel is located on Park Lane, right next to Hyde Park. The address is 86-90 Park Ln, London W1K 7TN.

There are two principal spaces we work in at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

The largest space is the “Great Room”. This is a large space that holds over 1000 guests in a traditional “cabaret” format with 8-12 guests per round table. The Great Room has a high ceiling over over 6m which enables us to put in large and elaborate sets, giants video walls and impressive event lighting rigs.

A balcony wraps around the entirety of the Great Room which is ideal for additional seating, viewing or control equipment. We utilise the balcony for locating follow spot lights (the ones that shine on presents or audience members as they move around), projectors (for showing video content on the projection screens) and our “front of house” control positions which is the lighting, audio and video control gear.

Typical solutions for the Great Room include large LED video walls, custom stage builds and show lighting. These are for events like awards shows, conferences and concerts. We have even done several fashion shows in the space too.

The smaller space; yet still large, is the “Ballroom”. This is a rectangle space with a ceiling height of over 4m. It is ideal for smaller events than that held in the Great Room. We have also provided event production services for this space as a large reception area for awards shows, conferences, broadcasts and product launches.

There are several access routes into the venue. Hotel guests typically enter from the Park Street entrance, which is one block back from Park Lane. Event guests typically enter both the Ballroom and Great Room from the Park Lane entrance.

On both the Park Lane and Park Street entrances we have installed red carpets, rope and post, lighting, “step and repeat” media walls, outdoor lighting and even sound effects.

Both spaces at the Grosvenor House Hotel benefit from extensive three phase power supplies. The supplies in the building are ample for the purposes of the video,lighting, audio, production and other AV work we do in the spaces.

The Great Room has an existing rigging system in the space. This includes “dead hung” scaffold which holds the venue’s own lighting and audio system (which we use when we have a limited build period). There are also multiple rigging points onto which the venue’s preferred rigging company installs motor hoists.

While PYTCH is not a preferred in-house production supplier we do a lot of work in the space. The first of which was in 2007. Since then shows have included several years of the Performance Marketing Awards and multiple instances of the TRIC Awards.