Photography Highlights Package
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By Jacob Nuttall
Photography Highlights Package

In the world of live events it's important to make the big day as special as possible and as special as you make it, the big day will only happen once. But there is a way to keep those memories alive - Photograph them.

Having a photography highlights package of your event can do wonders for multiple reasons.

Memories - As an event organiser you want all your attendees to enjoy the event as much as they can, but what if they could take those memories home with them. From capturing a portrait of a speaker's big moment on stage at a conference, to a wide shot of a team winning an award, they all deserve to relive those moments over and over again and capturing the moment in a photo is a great solution.

Marketing - The amount of time and effort that goes into organising an event, from a conference to an awards show shouldn’t go unseen and just disappear when the shows finished. What’s the solution to this? Share it online. With the popularity of social media on the rise, sharing your event online is a great way to get more business, share your achievements or just show off to all your co-workers. By using different aspect ratios such as 16:9 or 4:3 you can use the same photos for a variety of social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Having professional photos of your event gives you the chance to share your event with the biggest audience possible.

Missing out - Regardless how large your event is or how many tickets you sold, there is always going to be people who couldn’t make it. Having a photo package is the answer, it allows the people a chance to see your event in all its glory, plus see what they missed out on. From the chance to see an inspirational speaker on stage or network with one of their favourite businesses, capturing these moments will leave them wanting more and could make them consider attending your event in the future.

Choosing the right kit - There are so many photos to get onsite that it can be hard to choose what kit/ lens to use. If you have multiple cameras it’s always best to shoot with one brand, whether it be Canon, Sony or Lumix. At PYTCH we shoot with Canon and have a variety of Canon EF mount lenses in stock. From a 11mm - 24mm Canon EF mount lens for wide shots, to a staple 24mm - 70mm Sigma EF mount lens for those run and gun shots to the 70mm - 200mm Canon EF mount lens for those portrait telephoto shots.

At PYTCH we strive to make your event as special as it was on the day for months and months to come. Providing a high quality professional photography package capturing all the elements that are important to you. A prime example of this is when we did the World Procurement Congress at London’s iconic O2 Intercontinental Hotel.