By Penny Sandford-Hughes
Revolutionising Spaces: Lumosphere is on the Move

PYTCH have conceptualized, designed, and self-hosted an extraordinary immersive light experience called The Lumosphere, that is set to transform any space it inhabits. Our innovative and transportable design allows us to turn empty areas into vibrant hubs of innovation, creating unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

Our light installations are designed to delight customers, enhancing their overall experience by adding a touch of wonder and excitement to otherwise ordinary spaces.

Whether it’s a bustling shopping center or a vacant property awaiting its next lease, Lumosphere brings these areas to life. Our flexible and transportable design means we can easily move our installations from place to place.

Lumosphere at Cabot Circus
We are thrilled to announce that Lumosphere will soon be hosted in Cabot Circus, in a vacant property that was a restaurant just a few months ago. By utilising this space between tenancy periods, we are not only bringing a new attraction to the area but also supporting the local community by making use of otherwise unused spaces. This initiative at Cabot Circus is just the beginning of our journey to bring Lumosphere to various locations across the country.

Bringing Creativity Across the Country
PYTCH is on the lookout for new locations to host our immersive light experience. We aim to bring our unique blend of creativity and innovation to different venues, making every place we visit a little brighter and more exciting. From large shopping malls to smaller community spaces, Lumosphere promises to be a beacon of light and creativity, attracting visitors and creating memorable experiences.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and locations for Lumosphere. If you have a space that could use Lumosphere magic, we would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, check out this video where Johnny Palmer, Founder of PYTCH, explains how Lumosphere can transform any space.