Bristol Cathederal with lighting from PYTCH
Projection Mapping

Projection mapping, an innovative intersection of art and technology, has been transforming ordinary surfaces into stunning visual narratives. This technique, also known as video mapping or spatial augmented reality, extends the traditional flat-screen projection to three-dimensional objects, no matter their shape or size. The result is an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of perception and reality.

What is Projection Mapping?

At its core, projection mapping, also known as video mapping or spatial augmented reality, involves projecting video onto three-dimensional surfaces. Unlike traditional projection, which is confined to flat screens, projection mapping can wrap around any object, irrespective of its shape or size, creating a highly engaging visual experience.

Key hardware components include high-lumen projectors such as our extentive panasonic projector range, which bring clarity and brightness to the projections, even in ambient light conditions. Complementing these are powerful media servers such, responsible for the intense video processing and playback demands. These elements work in unison to ensure that the projections are as vivid and impactful as possible.

Software is the backbone of projection mapping, enabling the precise alignment and warping of images to fit any surface. With tools like MadMapper and Resolume, PYTCH have the flexibility to manipulate their designs with unparalleled precision. Advanced software such as Touchdesigner also opens doors to interactive elements, allowing projections to respond dynamically to sound, movement, or other environmental stimuli.

Projection onto a building near london bridge

Navigating Challenges

However, projection mapping is not without its challenges. Environmental factors like lighting and surface irregularities can significantly impact the quality of the projection. The technical complexity demands a unique blend of artistic flair and technological know-how, which is something PYTCH does best. The PYTCH in-house creative and Technical teams will work in unison to design and install bespoke projection installations that run without a hitch. Recently the teams designed and installed a talking tree at Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas

In award shows and conferences, the venue itself becomes a canvas for storytelling and branding. Projection mapping can transform mundane walls, ceilings, and even floors into dynamic landscapes. Imagine award shows where the stage backdrop changes with each presentation, reflecting the theme or the essence of the award. For conferences, projection mapping can create an engaging atmosphere, setting the tone for keynote speeches or panel discussions.