An installation where technology and nature seamlessly intertwine with 'NatureNarrator' – an innovation that transforms a simple tree into a customizable, animated character, ready to share tales or sing songs tailored to your event.

Powered by the magic of Adobe Character Animation, 'NatureNarrator' breathes life into animated faces, giving them distinct personalities. A carefully curated voiceover is skillfully manipulated to align perfectly with the character's unique traits, creating a mesmerizing synergy between audio and animation.

The heart of 'NatureNarrator' lies in its ability to take center stage once meticulously crafted. Projected onto a real tree, the animated character becomes a captivating visual narrative, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in the enchanting tales and melodies shared by this unique creation.

What sets 'NatureNarrator' apart is its customization feature. You have the creative freedom to choose the character's personality and the content it delivers. Whether you prefer a wise old tree sharing ancient forest stories or a whimsical character singing cheerful tunes, 'NatureNarrator' adapts to your event's theme, adding a personalized touch that resonates with your audience.

Beyond its visual allure, the interactive element of 'NatureNarrator' creates a lasting impression on visitors. The character's ability to engage and connect with attendees adds an extra layer of magic to your event.

Watch the video below if you want to see one of our NatureNarrator's in action! The ‘Talking Grandad Tree’!