Wood Wide Web
Wood Wide Web

Wood Wide Web

Wood Wide Web is an extraordinary installation, born from a deep appreciation of the intricate mycelial network that thrives unseen beneath our feet. This project is a homage to nature's sophisticated communication systems, a reminder that despite our technological advancements, nature remains an unmatched architect.

The heart of this installation lies in its aim to simulate this natural network, creating an interactive experience that envelops us within it. "Rooted Connections" is not just an artistic statement but an invitation to ponder, to feel interconnected with the larger tapestry of life that extends beyond our immediate perception.

A unique aspect of this installation is the integration of beautifully glazed ceramics, a tactile element that invites visitors to engage physically with the artwork. Ceramics, typically relegated to utilitarian functions, are reimagined here as conduits of artistic expression and interaction. This shift challenges our conventional interactions with this medium, offering a new, tangible way to connect with art.

The creation of "Rooted Connections" was a collaborative endeavor, enriched by the enthusiasm, willingness, and dedication of Weston College Fine Art 3rd year students. Their hands crafted the leaves and forms that visitors encounter, each piece a testament to their creative spirit and skill.

The installation seamlessly blends artistic and technical elements. Wooden set pieces, meticulous painting, and the intricate ceramics are harmoniously integrated with sophisticated light strips, coded to enhance the immersive experience. This fusion of art and technology creates a dynamic, living artwork that responds and evolves, mirroring the complex interactions of a mycelial network.

Special thanks are extended to James Gouge and Ryan from PYTCH for their technical collaboration, which was pivotal in bringing this vision to life. "Rooted Connections" stands as a symbol of artistic and technological synergy, inviting us to pause, engage, and feel a part of something far greater than ourselves.

Paula Birtwistle - Producer