Colourd uplighting on a building with a letter W in front
By Joe Sandford-Hughes
Building Illumination

Big Ideas

The illumination of buildings throughout the world has been taken to new levels over the years. We now have the technology to create shows, color and movement in ways that were not possible previously. Buildings are no longer just bathed in a single colour, instead designers use multiple colours, patterns and movement to create a visual feast for the audience. Whilst the technical expertise required to create such shows is very important, so is the artistic vision and understanding of the concept. Every PYTCH building lighting scheme is bespoke to the building and the environment it is viewed from, making sure that all the building facades can be viewed as intended.

Specialist lighting techniques can be used to transform buildings after the sun has set, allowing them to take on a completely different persona. This can be achieved through a combination of architectural lighting, video mapping and even the use of artificial light to create new elements.

Building lighting is a form of art that PYTCH are incredibly passionate about. Our team of skilled and experienced designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with light, and we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to create stunning visual experiences.

Bristol Cathederal with lighting from PYTCH

Below are some of the creative techniques that we use to illuminate buildings and create iconic landmarks:

Architectural Lighting:

This is the most basic form of building illumination, but when done well it can still be incredibly effective. Architectural lighting involves strategically placing lights around a building in order to highlight its architectural features, such as columns, arches, and facades. By carefully controlling the intensity and colour of the lights, we can create a sense of depth and texture that is not present during the daytime. Architectural lighting can be used to accentuate the unique design of a building, or to create a more uniform appearance across the entire structure.

PYTCH are also specialists in the use of LED and laser technology to create dynamic and interactive architectural lighting displays. By incorporating motion sensors and other interactive elements, we can allow the public to become part of the show and have a unique and personalised experience with the building. This form of architectural lighting is perfect for creating buzz and excitement around a building, and can be a great way to draw in crowds for special events.

Video Mapping:

Video mapping is a technique that involves projecting images and video onto the surface of a building in a way that takes into account its three-dimensional shape. This allows us to create mesmerising visual effects that appear to be 'mapped' onto the contours of the building. Video mapping can be used to tell immersive stories, create abstract art, or even simulate the building being transformed or destroyed in some way. When done well, it can completely change the way that a building is perceived and create a truly unforgettable experience for the viewer.

PYTCH are experts in the field of video mapping, and our team has worked on a wide range of projects from small-scale private events to large-scale public spectacles. We have the technical knowledge and creative vision to bring any video mapping concept to life, and we always strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with this exciting medium.

Interactive Lighting:

Interactive lighting takes the concept of architectural lighting a step further by allowing the building to respond to its environment in real time. This can be achieved through the use of sensors that detect things such as motion, sound, or even the weather. By connecting the building's lighting system to these sensors, we can create a dynamic and constantly evolving light show that is unique to each moment. Interactive lighting can help to create a sense of connection between the building and the people around it, and can be a powerful tool for fostering a sense of community and engagement.

PYTCH are at the forefront of interactive lighting design, and we are always exploring new and innovative ways to use this technology to create memorable experiences. Whether it's a small-scale installation for a corporate event or a city-wide lighting festival, we have the expertise and passion to make it happen.

PYTCH are experts in building lighting and have worked on a wide range of projects, from small-scale private events to large-scale public spectacles. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create a stunning building lighting scheme that will captivate and inspire your audience.

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