By Joe Sandford-Hughes
Colligo - Enterprise level Wi-Fi – at your event

In an era where digital prowess often determines the success of an event, having reliable and fast Event Wi-Fi isn't a luxury— it's a necessity. Enter Colligo, a groundbreaking service that promises "Enterprise-level IT – at your event." No longer do event planners have to compromise on digital amenities while choosing the perfect venue. With Colligo, any space can be instantly transformed to have an enterprise network.

Wi-Fi, CCTV, Video & Audio Streaming, Virtual Event Integration, Off Grid Internet, hard-line connectivity, centralised content sharing. Everything is possible with Colligo!


Why Colligo?

Ever been to an event where the Wi-Fi was patchy, or just did not work at all? We all know how frustrating it can be. What sets Colligo apart is that its completely stand-alone and does not have to rely on the venue at all, offering everything from Gigabit internet and 10gb+ network speed to multi-network mesh Wi-Fi and live backup options. In short, it brings the kind of IT infrastructure you'd expect at a corporate office right to your event location.

Human Connection Meets Digital Connectivity

Events are no longer just about catering and decorations; they're about creating an experience that stands out. Whether it's a business conference, a live concert, a music festival, or a charity gala, modern events require a top-notch digital environment to ensure every aspect runs smoothly. Colligo not only offers guest Wi-Fi but also boasts a range of features like CCTV, onsite secure data storage, and live backup of recordings —making it ideal for events of any scale.


What Makes Colligo a Must-Have for Event Planners?

  1. Ease of Setup: We have Colligo racks on the shelf ready to go, everything is planned before we arrive on site so the solution can be deployed quickly

  2. Speed & Reliability: With state-of-the-art access points and 10gb+ network speed, you can forget about slow load times and focus on what truly matters—the event.

  3. Multi-Network Mesh Wi-Fi: A network that automatically scales according to demand, ensuring that your guests always stay connected.

  4. Data Management: Onsite secure data storage and live backups give you peace of mind, knowing that all your important data is safe and easily accessible.

  5. Security: The added layer of CCTV brings an extra dimension of security, keeping your event space monitored at all times.


In a world where digital capabilities can make or break an event, Colligo offers an invaluable service. No more worrying about patchy internet, or data loss. With Colligo, event planners can bring a slice of the corporate world's digital superiority to any venue, ensuring an event experience like never before. Get in touch with us today to find out how Colligo can revolutionize your event.