Creative Fashion Show Design
By Jordan Tomkins
Creative Fashion Show Design

Fashion Shows have surpassed the days of simplicity. Now it is all about being big, bold, and delivering an amazing visual spectacle. During a fashion week, there can be tens or even hundreds of shows, both as part of the main event and smaller, fringe fashion shows. Recently, brands such as Burberry have taken the genre up a level with outlandish shows inspired by rock concerts, theatre, or other creative concepts.

If you’re planning a fashion show, there can be intense pressure to stand out from the crowd and ensure your fashion show stage and set is a cut above the rest, as well as showcasing the designer and clothes in the best possible light.

PYTCH have delivered all sorts of fashion shows over the years, and we’ve seen many off-the-wall concepts realised. Here are some of our favourite ways of making your fashion show stand out from the crowd.

(N.B. all images are from shows where PYTCH was the primary production designer)

Unique Lighting Effects


Traditionally, fashion shows have been all about the lighting. Usually this is focused on ensuring the models are well-lit and look great for photography (which is of course always important) but you can also play with lighting to produce more unique results.

The below image shows a fashion show where the ceiling was unusually low. Instead of causing issues, this was used to advantage by placing dimmable fluorescent tubes overhead. Not only did this create a great solution to overhead lighting, but also allowed for pulsing, chasing effects throughout the show for a unique look.




Unusual Stages and Backdrops

Fashion Show in Excel Exhibition

By making your catwalk out of a unique surface, such as mirrors or grass, you can convey a particular feel. Many designers like to play with this in ways that bring out the theme of their collections, invoking a summer vibe or industrial chic.

Tresemme Britain's Next Top Model set water

Couple this with an inventive backdrop and you can get really creative, as seen here when PYTCH designed a water-themed show for TreSemme at Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.


Fashion Show Model walking on Water


A Stunning Venue

If all else fails, why not let your location do the heavy lifting? Holding your fashion show in a unique location is sure to get your guests talking, whether it’s an underground club or stunning palatial ballroom, an interesting venue makes for a great focal point. Just be sure that your designer’s collection is still the thing your guests go home talking about!

Fashion Show 8 Northumberland Avenue White catwalk ballroom

These are just a few ideas for creative fashion show stage design, however, it’s always good to come up with your own ideas around your specific themes, locations, and collections.

If you’d like to speak with our creative team about your own fashion show design ideas, why not get in touch?

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