Line Array vs. Point Source Speakers
By Jordan Tomkins
Line Array vs. Point Source Speakers

What's the difference between Line Array and Point Source Speakers?

When it comes to choosing speakers for your event, you might have heard about point source and line array speakers. But what do these terms mean, and how are they different?

Point source speakers are the ones you are probably used to seeing in the wild, in your home, at small events, and some conferences. They have a single speaker box that contains all the necessary parts to produce sound. These speakers spread sound in all directions, like a ball of sound that goes out from one point. They're easy to set up and work well for smaller events. They can be small speakers on a stand or shelf, up to large-scale DJ rigs, but they always consist of single speaker boxes per side.

A Point Source Speaker stack

Our Martin Audio W8C Point Source speakers are great for live music events.

Line array speakers are a bit different. Instead of one speaker box, they have multiple smaller boxes stacked together. Each box has a bunch of small speakers. When these boxes are arranged in a line, they work together to create a powerful and controlled sound, which can be directed much more easily. Line arrays are great for big events or outdoor concerts because they can reach a larger area with clear and consistent sound. Because they can be controlled, you can do clever things with them like create 'exclusion zones' or focus the sound into a particular area of the venue.

A Line Array PA system being installed at the O2 Arena, London

PYTCH also stock Martin Audio Line Array speakers

So, the main difference between point source and line array speakers is how they spread sound. Point source speakers send sound out in all directions, while line array speakers direct sound to specific areas. Point source speakers are more common in smaller events, while line array speakers are better for larger venues or outdoor spaces.

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