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By Joe Sandford-Hughes
Outdoor Sound Systems

Great outdoor sound systems can really make an event unforgettable.
We regularly supply top-of-the-range systems for all kinds of outdoor events - everything from large music festivals, through to high profile conferences and bespoke events. Here, we've put together a helpful introduction to outdoor sound systems and what you need to consider when hosting an event in the great outdoors.

If you've been to an outdoor event and been blown away by the quality of the sound, then you'll know just how impactful a great sound system can be. On the flip side, you might also have experience of being at an outdoor event where the sound was a bit, well, underwhelming. This is why it's so important to get the right professionals in to handle your outdoor sound. When it comes to outdoor sound systems, PYTCH are the experts. Here are some of the things that we consider when putting together a bespoke sound system for an outdoor event.

Noise pollution

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the technical side of things, let's talk about noise pollution for a moment. No matter how amazing your outdoor event is, if the sound is being a nuisance to people who aren't at the event then it's going to cause problems. This is especially true if you are hosting your event in a built-up area, near residential properties, or close to other events. We always consider the impact that our sound systems will have on the surrounding area. Our skilled technicians use a range of techniques and equipment to make sure that sound goes where it's meant to go and doesn't cause disruption to others.

Bringing the indoors outside

When you're hosting an event inside a carefully designed venue, it's relatively easy to control the sound. Walls and ceilings help to contain and direct the sound in the right way. However, when you take your event outside you lose these boundaries, which means that sound can easily get lost in the open air. This is where a well-designed outdoor sound system comes in.

At PYTCH, we have a range of high-quality sound equipment that is specifically designed for outdoor use. This includes:

  • Line array speakers: These are a type of speaker system that is perfect for outdoor events. They are made up of multiple speaker cabinets that are stacked on top of each other. Line array speakers are designed to project sound over long distances while maintaining excellent clarity and even coverage. They are a favourite of professional sound engineers for large outdoor events such as music festivals and conferences.

  • Subwoofers: A good outdoor sound system should not just focus on the mid and high frequencies; it should also provide a solid bass foundation. Subwoofers are essential for bringing that chest-thumping, immersive feel to the music at your event. We have a range of subwoofers that can cater to different sizes of outdoor spaces.

  • Amplifiers and processing: These are the behind-the-scenes bits of kit that make everything work. Our amplifiers and processing equipment are top-of-the-range, and our technicians know how to get the best out of them. They are essential for fine-tuning the sound and ensuring that it is delivered in the most effective way.

  • Cabling and infrastructure: Setting up an outdoor sound system requires a different approach to an indoor system. There are unique challenges such as longer cable runs and the need to protect equipment from the elements. Our experienced team knows how to design and install the right infrastructure to make your outdoor event sound amazing.

Pytch rental of sound systems

PYTCH is also able to provide dry hire of sound systems for outdoor events. Our range includes everything from small outdoor PA systems for garden parties and small outdoor gatherings, through to large-scale festival sound rigs. All of our equipment is rigorously tested before and after every hire, so you can be confident that it will perform flawlessly. We also offer optional delivery, setup, and technical support services to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.

If you're not sure what you need for your outdoor event, then don't worry - our friendly team is here to help. We can work with you to understand your event's unique requirements and put together a bespoke sound system package that is perfect for you.

In conclusion, hosting an outdoor event doesn't mean that you have to compromise on sound quality. With the right professionals and equipment, you can create an audio experience that is truly memorable. PYTCH is here to help you make that happen. If you're planning an outdoor event and need a top-of-the-range sound system, then get in touch with us!

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