PYTCH expand with Coventry Building Society Arena contract
By Jordan Tomkins
PYTCH expand with Coventry Building Society Arena contract

Coventry Building Society Arena has partnered with an innovative creative experiences agency to improve and expand the service it can offer to event organisers.

The multi-year deal with production agency PYTCH is part of the agency’s national expansion and its first time working with a stadium in this capacity.

PYTCH specialise in ground-breaking live events, media, AV, broadcasting, digital content and mixed reality – and through Coventry Building Society Arena will be working directly with events taking place at the venue.

The new partnership will enable the Arena to deliver high-level and innovative hybrid-events while also improving the customer experience of delegates and visitors attending physical events.

This ranges from traditional AV and lighting services, to live-streaming and VR avatar-based experiences.

PYTCH has three of its own broadcast television studios in Bristol which they use to produce virtual events, and also has a technology package which enables easy-build temporary live broadcast studios from the show floor at conferences, exhibitions and other events in the Coventry Building Society Arena.

Through the partnership, Coventry Building Society Arena aims to be able to expand the reach of events it hosts at the venue. Delegates and presenters will easily be able to dial-in virtually to speak with those attending the event physically.

PYTCH owns all of its equipment and has already installed full-time technicians on site at Coventry Building Society Arena, which will ensure a smoother experience for event organisers.

Paul Michael, Commercial Director at Coventry Building Society Arena, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with PYTCH and this new partnership is the latest in a long line of exciting developments at Coventry Building Society Arena".

“This deal will expand what we can offer to event organisers and will further establish our venue as a leader in the sector. With PYTCH on board, and the Commonwealth Convention Centre nearing completion, we have all the foundations in place for a fantastic 2022".

“PYTCH is a sector leader and right at the forefront of innovation when it comes to hosting and delivering hybrid events. The events sector is changing and by partnering with PYTCH, we are confident we can lead the way in innovative hybrid events".

“Event organisers who are working with us will be introduced directly to our on-site technicians from PYTCH, who will then work with them to ensure their event runs smoothly and can be delivered to the highest possible standard.”

Jordan Tomkins, Managing Director of PYTCH, added: “We are incredibly excited about this partnership. We’ve always felt that there is a huge opportunity for venues to offer innovative and creative solutions to clients over and above the standard audio-visual offering, and we’re glad to have found that Coventry Building Society Arena share our vision".

“The Midlands has an excellent reputation for being a creative and cultural hub, and it is always somewhere that PYTCH have been keen to find a home. The partnership with Coventry Building Society Arena allows us to become a part of this fantastic community and we’re looking forward to working with local people on delivering projects in Coventry.

“It is already clear that they are motivated by change and share with us a forward-looking approach to the live events and creative media sector. We are proud to be partnering with them on this journey, and I can’t wait to see what amazing experiences we will deliver together in the future.”

"We’re thrilled with this partnership and I’m looking forward to showing the West Mids events community just what we have to offer!"

Jordan TomkinsManaging Director