PYTCH Picked by Procurement Professionals for Peak Partnership Performance
By Jordan Tomkins
PYTCH Picked by Procurement Professionals for Peak Partnership Performance

In Mid June Procurement Leaders held their annual gathering, this year taking the form of the World Procurement Congress and World Procurement Awards, where over $7 trillion worth of spending power gathered under one roof at the O2 Intercontinental Hotel, London. The attendees enjoyed a packed schedule, with an expo hall, main stage, two breakout stages, a TV booth and an awards evening all coming together for the event.

PYTCH have worked with Procurement Leaders on their UK events since 2017, with the first live show taking place in 2018. The fully live format took a break for 2021, seeing PYTCH providing hybrid event services at the same venue. The PYTCH team and Procurement Leaders were very excited to return to the live format for 2022.

Stuart Duff – Senior Manager, Events Project Lead – Procurement Leaders says: “At Procurement Leaders we are always pushing the boundaries with innovative video content and immersive technical stage sets, so an industry leading supplier like PYTCH is a must for our projects.

“But what you get with PYTCH that you don’t always get with other agencies, is the feeling you have an extension of your own team. Partners you can really rely on to bring the best out of your experience and support you in bringing your brand or event strategy to life.

Just one of the benefits of working with PYTCH is the strength of the teamwork that they bring to site. Having a team of full time employed technicians means that all staff involved are heavily invested in the event and the outcome for both the client and the company. PYTCHers can bring their best work every day and are empowered to build upon their own skills between events. Working together repeatedly before an event means that great creative ideas can form, leading to some truly spectacular staging.

Jordan Tomkins, Managing DIrector of PYTCH says: “I felt an immense sense of pride at the team spirit and attitude of the PYTCHers – all pulling together to create, as said to me by hotel staff: ‘the best looking set the venue has ever seen.’

The main stage made use of the entire width of the ballroom at the O2 Intercontinental, incorporating 8 LED screen walls and over 116 individual lighting fixtures. PYTCH built four vertical LED screens along the rear of the stage, framing a spectacular hanging ‘diamond’ screen. To achieve this the team originally rigged the diamond laying flat, before raising it into the final show position. Further LED screens were flown from the left, right and rear of the space, allowing all congress and awards attendees to keep up with the action on stage.

The industry is currently suffering from acute staffing and talent issues post-covid, but if the PYTCH team are anything to go by, there is a bright future on the horizon.

Jordan Tomkins,Managing Director of PYTCH