PYTCHAir - Boeing 727 gains new artwork
By Jordan Tomkins
PYTCHAir - Boeing 727 gains new artwork

Our upcycled Boeing 727 aircraft in Brislington has gained a vibrant new paintjob.

The artwork is a collaboration between three acclaimed mural artists, Hasan Kamil, Harriet Wood and Curtis Hylton. The final artwork is inspired by the natural world, the surrounding area and the canvas upon which it is painted. With a limited pallette the three artists have used their unique styles to paint migratory birds, flowers and a portrait on the side of the unusual canvas.

The artwork was officially unveiled at 7pm on Monday the 28th of March.

Johnny Palmer, owner of PYTCHAir says: “I always wanted PYTCHAir to be a visual contribution to the Bristol creative arts scene and the perfect way to do this seemed to be to make an iconic piece of street art out of it. I am awesomely excited about this activity – almost as much as that weird day last year when PYTCHAir almost blocked a motorway!”

If you would like to visit the artwork, it is easily viewable from Skyline Park, Brislington.

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