Show Design and Motion Graphics for Award Shows
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By Thomas Benoy
Show Design and Motion Graphics for Award Shows

Crafting motion graphics for prestigious award shows like the TRIC Awards and the Procurement Leaders Awards is an art form that combines creativity, technical skill, and a deep understanding of the event's essence. PYTCH, brilliantly executed this task for both these events in 2023, setting a high standard for event production, show design and motion graphics content. In this blog post, we'll explore how PYTCH approached these projects and the key takeaways for creating impactful motion graphics for such significant occasions.

The TRIC Awards 2022: A Fusion of Elegance and Innovation

For the TRIC Awards, a glittering event celebrating the best in TV and radio, PYTCH was tasked with delivering an A-list experience. The brief was to create a stunning environment for a star-studded guest list, with the event also being filmed and edited for broadcast on national TV

PYTCH's Solution:
PYTCH's approach was holistic, focusing on set design, video, lighting elements, and sound quality. They installed a custom lighting design to create unique effects and augmented the event with a delivery of impressive show opening VT, important for any epic show. Their internal content team was responsible for motion graphics design, presentation production and management, as well as on-site cameras and editors for rapid turnaround of footage​​.

Procurement Leaders Awards 2022: Capturing 'Rock N Roll Energy'**

The Procurement Leaders Awards required a different approach. The brief was to bring a 'Rock N Roll Energy' to their return to fully live events. PYTCH aimed to engage audiences in a vibrant and dynamic way.

PYTCH's Approach:
PYTCH designed a unique event that included an exhibition, engagement elements, and multiple conference stages. Notably, they created an awe-inspiring 'Headliner Stage' with a 270-degree wrap-around video wall, off-axis thrust design staging, and a central 'LED diamond' digital set piece. Additional elements like an umbrella ceiling and a retro arcade area contributed to the immersive experience**

The Outcome:
The event was the largest World Procurement Congress ever attempted in terms of scale and spend. It reconfirmed the commitment to live experiences, with PYTCH's work being lauded as the most impressive production seen in the venue to date. This wouldn't have been the same without the incredible effort PYTCH put in for the overall motion design for the stages.

Watch the show opener below!

Key Takeaways for Creating Motion Graphics for Award Shows

Understand the Event's Essence: For the TRIC Awards, PYTCH focused on elegance and broadcast quality, whereas the Procurement Leaders Awards demanded high energy and immersion.

Holistic Design Approach: Incorporate various elements like lighting, sound, and video to create a cohesive and immersive experience.

Innovative Stage Design: We used dynamic staging and video walls to enhance the visual impact, as seen with the 'Headliner Stage' at the Procurement Leaders Awards.

Rapid Content Turnaround: PYTCH ensured that the content team can deliver high-quality motion graphics and edited footage swiftly, crucial for broadcast events.

Engage the Audience: We created an environment that captures the audience's attention and keeps them engaged, whether through visual effects, sound quality, or interactive elements.

By blending these elements, PYTCH successfully elevated the TRIC and Procurement Leaders Awards, setting a benchmark for future award shows. For anyone tasked with creating motion graphics for such events, these insights offer a roadmap for achieving excellence in event production, show design and motion graphics.

Producing motion graphics for an award show can be long and confusing, but rest assured, PYTCH will be with you everystep of the way. Here is a list of processes that are needed to design motion graphics for award shows:

Understanding the Brief: Start by comprehensively understanding the client's requirements, the event's theme, and the audience. This includes specifics about the award show, such as its history, significance, and the type of awards being presented.

Concept Development: Based on the brief, develop a concept or theme for the motion graphics. This could involve brainstorming sessions and initial sketches to visualise ideas. The PYTCH creative team will make sure your concepts are broght to life

Storyboarding: Once the concept is approved, create a storyboard. This is a sequence of drawings that represent the shots planned for the motion graphic. It acts as a blueprint for what the final product will look like.

Designing Assets: Design all visual elements needed for the motion graphics, such as characters, background elements, text overlays, etc. This step often involves graphic design and illustration skills. At PYTCH, the team here all have their specific talents, from motion graphics, to voiceovers - we have you covered!

Animation: Bring the storyboards to life by animating the designed assets. This could involve 2D or 3D animation, depending on the project requirements. We use a mix of the Adobe Suite (After effects, Illustrator and more) as well as 3D programs such as Cinema 4D and Blender.

Adding Music and Sound Effects: Incorporate appropriate music and sound effects to enhance the visual experience. This step is crucial as audio adds another layer of depth to the motion graphics. Did you know, we have our very own mixing studio at PYTCH allowing us to make custom music, electrfying music and great stings.

Editing and Compositing: Combine all the elements – video, graphics, text, sound – and edit them to ensure smooth transitions and coherent storytelling.

Feedback and Revisions: Present the draft to the client and make necessary revisions based on their feedback. This iterative process helps in refining the motion graphics to align perfectly with the client's vision. Don't you worry, we make sure you're up to date every step of the way with drafts sent frequently.

Final Output and Delivery: Once approved, render the final version of the motion graphics in the required format. We make sure that the content fits the screens perfectly. The benefit of taking us on for show design and delivery is that we ensure the content is preprogammed before we arrive to site

Event Integration: we work with our amazing event technical team to ensure the motion graphics integrate seamlessly with the event's technical setup, including screens, projectors, and sound systems!